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Growing trees the right way

We plant the right tree species in the right places, and share their impact on people and ecosystems
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We grow native species where they are needed most
Our reforestation experts have built an effective and diversified tree-planting portfolio, restoring and protecting most of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and contributing towards multiple Sustainable Development Goals.
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We monitor the trees for at least 3 years
We use the latest technology to ensure the trees are robust enough to survive long-term. We track using satellites, geo-tagged photo evidence, and field visits. If a tree dies, we will replace it at no additional charge.
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We share quarterly performance reports
You will receive a certificate with the number of trees you financed and the amount of CO2 they’ll capture. Subsequently, we’ll report on our impact every quarter, and your organization can attend a webinar with our tree team.

Over 10 years of experience

Thanks to our 15 million search engine users, we have become the world’s leading planter of native trees
  • 125+ mil.
    trees planted
  • 500+
    native species
  • 30
  • 10.000+
    active sites

Where we plant

We plant trees across all six inhabited continents, mostly in biodiversity hotspots. We carefully vet our planting partners, ensuring that all work is done shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities.
Ecosia Trees Reforestation Locations

How it works

When done right, reforestation restores ecosystems, saves endangered species from extinction, and changes lives.

Trees change everything

Capturing CO₂ is just one of the benefits of reforestation done right

Contribute to the SDGs

Our projects directly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals thanks to our community approach

  • Social Development Goal 1: No Poverty
  • Social Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger
  • Social Development Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Social Development Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • Social Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitisation
  • Social Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Social Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
  • Social Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Social Development Goal 13: Climate Action
  • Social Development Goal 15: Life on Land

How much does it cost?

Planting, monitoring and protecting one Ecosia tree costs €1
  • If a tree does not survive its first three years, we will replace it at no additional cost
  • Payment is easy and flexible, no subscriptions required
  • If planting trees costs less than expected, we will use surplus funds to plant additional trees

Stories from the field

From the field Brazil
“To convince male landowners to let us do restoration work on their farms, we often need to speak to their wives first. We sit down and have a coffee with the women and then they make it possible for us to restore these degraded landscapes.”
– Ana Paula, COPAIBA, Brazil
From the field Kenya
"When I was a child, the forest was vast. We’ve been restoring it for many years, and now it’s almost as green as it once was. When we plant trees we get rain, fresh air, medicine [...] and can harvest fruits and nuts."
— Naliaka Martin, farmer and tree planter in Kenya
From the field Madagascar
“Having steady income allows Eden workers to put savings aside, invest in their households, start micro- enterprises to diversify their income opportunities, and provide healthcare for their families.”
– Eden, Madagascar


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Let’s reforest the planet together

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Let's reforest the planet together

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