Frequently asked questions

Why does it cost €1 a tree?


For €1, we will plant the right tree in the right place in order to have a holistic impact on ecosystems and everyone who depends on them. This involves working with local communities, setting up nurseries, planting and protecting the tree, and monitoring it for at least three years, at which point it is robust enough to survive long-term. If any of your trees should not survive during this period, we will replace them at no additional charge. Our tree price also includes a certificate, a quarterly impact report, and a webinar with our Chief Tree Planting officer and his team.  

The €1 price is not just representative of the many planting stages that sustainable and community-centered reforestation projects require, but also reflects our diversified portfolio approach. Planting trees in vulnerable ecosystems in Australia, for instance, is more expensive than planting trees in Indonesia's tropical climate, but a global approach to planting trees where they are needed most requires both.

Why do you monitor Ecosia Trees for at least three years?


We monitor our trees for as long as they are vulnerable. Most trees are robust enough after three years to survive long-term. Surviving for three years means that the tree is healthy, that it has been cared for by local communities, and that it has been protected from wildlife and livestock. If a tree is vulnerable for longer, then we monitor it for longer, too. We do so using field visits, geo-tagged photo evidence, and 3-meter resolution satellite imagery. The latter allows us to compare your trees against peer sites and reference areas.

Can we choose a specific project to support?


No, this is currently not our focus. What makes Ecosia Trees different from other tree-planting services is that your organization is making a meaningful contribution to a diverse range of projects, thereby having an impact on global biodiversity. Through this method, your organization helps address multiple SDGs and supports the UN’s Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. In short, planting trees across our portfolio has a bigger and more holistic impact than focusing on just one project. If you have other business needs or sustainability objectives, let's talk!

Can we track and follow our trees?


We monitor every tree we plant, and can guarantee that every tree you pay for will be planted. Furthermore, you’ll receive quarterly updates on the projects you’ve contributed to. However, we’re unable to assign specific trees to your payment. This is due to our holistic portfolio approach. By grouping everyone’s contribution, we’re able to best leverage our expertise – making the right decisions over time in order to plant trees across an evolving portfolio and thereby maximize our impact together.

Can any company buy Ecosia Trees?


We undergo a due diligence review process to ensure we only work with companies with the highest ESG and sustainability credentials. Ecosia Trees is not for companies wishing to greenwash; it’s for socially and environmentally sustainable organizations that want to make a tangible contribution to global reforestation. For example, we refuse to plant trees for extractive industries or banks that are fuelling the sector.

Can Ecosia Trees be used for carbon offsetting?


While we provide a reliable estimate of the CO₂ the trees will capture, Ecosia Trees are not currently offered as carbon offsets. They are planted to tackle climate change and to have a holistic impact on ecosystems, wildlife and local communities, not to offset an individual company's emissions.

How do you calculate the amount of CO₂ captured by Ecosia Trees?


We use a range of carbon data sets, including the Winrock database, to calculate the carbon sequestered by the trees. Rather than looking at the number of trees for this equation, we calculate the biomass of a square hectare for the most accurate estimation. After your purchase, you'll receive a certificate that details the estimated amount of CO₂ your trees will capture. Each quarter, we also report on the CO₂ removed by our tree-planting portfolio as a whole.

What can we expect to receive?


Shortly after payment, you’ll receive a certificate with the number of trees planted and an estimate of the amount of CO₂ they’ll sequester. At the end of each quarter, you’ll receive a detailed impact report, including the portfolio’s contribution towards SDGs, updates from tree-planting partners, and all the latest news from our portfolio. You can also attend a webinar with our Chief Tree Planting Officer and his team.

Can we plant trees by using Ecosia as the company's search engine?


Switching your organization’s search engine to Ecosia is a fantastic way to engage your team and a daily reminder that small changes can have a large impact. For the past 10+ years, millions of Ecosia users have helped plant over 125 million trees. We're now calling on organizations to help us scale so we can together plant billions of trees all over the world.

To help plant as many trees as possible we encourage companies to both use the Ecosia search engine and contribute to Ecosia Trees to help reforest the planet.